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Our Story

In 2019, Ngāti Whare Holdings Limited entered into a Limited Partnership with Steve Harrison and David Ferrier to purchase New Zealand Wool Dumping Group (NZWDG) and establish New Zealand Wool Dumping Group (2019) Limited Partnership. Currently Ngāti Whare Holdings Limited is the majority shareholder with 81% ownership, with Steve Harrison and David Ferrier holding 9.5% ownership each.
The partnership was built on a strong foundation of historical performance and both David Ferrier and Steve Harrison being recognised leaders in the wool processing industry.

Ngāti Whare Holdings Limited is the commercial entity of Ngāti Whare iwi and operates with a Board of Directors – Rick Braddock, Ian Hulton, and Bronco Carson. The organisation is led by Mere George and her team. 
Ngati Whare Holdings Limited own multiple companies - Goldland Avocado Orchard, Minginui Nursery, New Zealand Wool Dumping Group. They also hold a variety of passive investments including shares in Fisheries and Forestry, and managed funds.

As the investment vehicle for Ngāti Whare iwi, the Holdings company operates with strategy of making direct investments in primary sector activities and diversifying its exposure where possible.

New Zealand Wool Dumping Group (2019) Limited Partnership also operates with a board of directors – Mere George, Rick Braddock, Ian Hulton, Bronco Carson, and Steve Harrison and is led by General Manager Liam Murphy. NZWDG includes Wool Dumping operations in Napier and Christchurch, TP Bands and the Northern and Southern Woolpacks. 

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Our Kaupapa

  • To produce a high level of repairs to the woolpacks.

  • Provide an excellent workplace for all to enjoy.

  • Show a strong commitment to excellence and quality in all we do.

  • Use safe work practices in all our facilities.

  • To use sustainable methods in all areas of our production.

  • To do our part in sustainability and working towards a cleaner, greener planet.

  • Maintain a successful business that recognises and values the contribution made by all staff and whānau.

  • Have lots of fun on the way.

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